5 Most Common DIY Mistakes

Floor heat is easy, but keep in mind that mistakes can be made. Although most installations go perfectly, no one wants to make a mistake that could have been easily avoided such as a cold spot in their warm floor. To avoid these mistakes, it is key to know what product best suits your installation and order the correct amount!

1 – Buying from an unauthorized seller, which can eliminate a warranty or return

Take an extra minute to ensure you’re buying from an authorized seller to avoid trouble down the road. Warm Your Floor is an authorized distributor for all products we sell and is one of the largest sellers for each brand worldwide. With over 18 years of experience, our staff is well-trained to handle any issue that may arise. Along with our great customer and tech support, we offer 90-day returns.

2 – Not ordering the correct amount for proper installation

When starting your project, be sure to contact us to ensure the best results. We can talk through layout and the amount of product you’ll need to purchase. For example, if you are ordering our flexible mesh mats, it is important to consider the different sizes we offer and how they’ll work with your layout. It may be in your best interest to purchase two larger mats rather than four smaller mats, and that is one area where we can help you. Also, do not make the mistake of assuming the heat will spread across the entire floor. By contacting us and getting our input, you can be certain that your entire floor will be comfortably warm.

NOTE: Never cut the heating cable. Each floor heating cable is designed specifically to consistently maintain heating at the chosen wattage per square foot – each cable size is unique. Shortening the heating cable would lower the resistance (increase wattage) of the cable causing the system to overheat. Adding heating cable to the end of another mat or cable will also alter the resistance and the system will not heat properly.
*If the heating cable is cut, do not fret. There are solutions to repair.

3 – Inconsistent wire spacing for cable systems

It is very important to choose a spacing and stick with that exact spacing throughout your project. Inconsistent wire spacing leads to inconsistent heating. Consider purchasing one of our mat options to avoid this issue altogether. All mats are pre-spaced, which eliminates the chance of this spacing error. Keep in mind that manufacturers have differing requirements, so look at the instructions or ask us.

Remember that certain areas and flooring will require a closer-spaced wire to ensure optimal heating. Also, make sure that you install your system on a dedicated circuit. Not doing so can cause many issues if heating a large area because it could constantly trip your breaker.

4 – Thinking you don’t need a thermostat

You definitely need a thermostat and one with GFCI. Light switches are not a safe substitute. They have no GFCI protection and are not rated for radiant floor heating products. Per electric code, each floor heat system must be protected by GFCI. All the thermostats we sell have built-in GFCI so you know you’re getting what you need.

5 – Not testing the resistance of the heating elements

It is vital to test your heating elements before and after installation! The warranty of the system will be voided if the testing is not performed and written down. While our product quality is unparalleled, testing the mats’ resistance with a meter and using a fault alarm (LM, MSPRO) will ensure you success and provide peace of mind. Try purchasing our LoudMouth monitor. This gives you an audible alert if the wire is damaged during install. It is basically cheap insurance and can be reused for future installations.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or get stuck during your DIY installation. We are here to help!

4 thoughts on “5 Most Common DIY Mistakes”

    • Hi Tomas,

      Nuheat does not specify if using a mat over a cork subfloor is acceptable in their manual. We recommend that you get in contact with the cork manufacturer to make sure that they will allow floor heat over the subfloor. Next, get in contact with Nuheat directly to make sure that you will be able to install over this subfloor and do not void the warranty.

      If you have any issues with getting in contact with Nuheat, give us a call at 866-558-3369 and we will be able to help you get an answer for this. Thanks, Tomas!

      Warm Regards,
      Warm Your Floor Team

    • Hi Adam,

      Yes, the SunTouch TapeMat must be covered in a 1/4″-1/2″ layer of self-leveler before installing the flooring. Please, give us a call at 866-558-3369 if you have any other installation questions. We will help you out along the way!

      Warm Regards,
      Warm Your Floor Team

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