Connect Nuheat’s SIGNATURE Thermostat with NEST Home

For years, there was no way to fully integrate and control floor heating systems with home automation systems. The closest we came was with dry contact. This allowed home automation systems to bypass the ‘Auto’ mode to ‘hold’ a temperature for a certain amount of time.

If you have a NEST and a Nuheat SIGNATURE Thermostat, they can now connect!

Want to learn how to integrate the SIGNATURE thermostat with the Nest system? We got you covered.

Nuheat has also developed a driver that makes the SIGNATURE thermostat compatible with the Control4 automation system as well, but the setup for the Control4 system is different. Click here to visit our article on the Control4 system, or continue reading to learn more about Nest.

SIGNATURE Floor Heating Thermostat Works with Nest

Save energy by combining the Nuheat SIGNATURE with the Nest thermostat. By utilizing Nest’s occupancy sensors, instead of always following the scheduled program of your floor heating system, the Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat can automatically stop heating the floor if no one is home.

  • Leaving home early? 
    • The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat will automatically reduce the floor temperature ahead of schedule to save energy.
  • Returning home at a different time?
    • The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat will automatically increase the floor temperature so you come home to a comfortable floor!
  • Going on vacation? 
    • The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat will automatically reduce the floor temperature when you’re out of town.

Setup and System Requirements

Follow these simple steps on your Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat and Nest to experience all the benefits this combination has to offer:

1. Group your SIGNATURE Thermostats (even for a single SIGNATURE thermostat)

  • Log in to Account
  • Select Edit Groups, New Group
Nuheat SIGNATURE Thermostat

2. Set SIGNATURE to Auto Mode

  • On the thermostat, select Setup/Preferences, Operating Mode, and ensure you are set to Auto Mode (default)
Nest Thermostat

3. Confirm the Nest Sense Home/Away Assist feature is enabled

4. Access ‘Works with Nest’ Feature and begin set up

  • Login to your account, select Account Settings, Connect to Nest and follow instructions

*IMPORTANT: A Sleep setpoint in each day’s schedule must be active and set to a lower temperature than a Wake setpoint.

For more information on running your SIGNATURE using a Nest thermostat or for troubleshooting help, visit

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