Heat Any Basement Floor with Our Expert Recommendations

Often thought of as the coldest room in any home, basements offer excellent multi-purpose potential. But their year-round chill can be uninviting. Now you can install electric radiant floor heat and turn your cold basement into a comfortable space while adding value to your home. Warm Your Floor’s expert recommendations will help you create a cozy space in even the chilliest part of your home with almost any floor type. Whether you’re planning to finish your basement, remodel, or are ready to pour the concrete in a new build, electric radiant floor heat will help transform your chilly basement into a place where you and your family will enjoy spending time.

Time for a Basement Remodel?

Warm Your Floor carries products for almost any floor type you choose. Pick your favorite and we can suggest a product to warm up those chilly basements to help transform it into a comfortable place to enjoy all year long.

Tile and Stone

Beautiful tile and stone may seem like odd choices for an already chilly basement. But despite their reputation for being cold on bare feet, tile and stone are durable, easy to heat and offer the most product options. In fact, you can choose from all indoor cables and mats we carry, along with membranes that manage moisture and have uncoupling properties to help keep tile from shifting and cracking. With so many to choose from, you can decide based on cost or convenience. Or buy one of our all-in-one kits to take out the guesswork. No matter what you choose, don’t forget the thermostat. We recommend easy-to-use programmable models to get the most out of your heated floors.


With so many styles available, laminate or click-together floors are a popular choice for basements. We recommend QuietWarmth film to heat them. The thin film doesn’t add height and distributes heat to your floor evenly. Best of all, you won’t need self-leveling compound or mortar. Simply unroll the film on your concrete or other subfloor and lay the flooring on top.


Wood’s unmatched natural beauty makes it a timeless choice, but not all wood floors (like nail-down hardwood) can be used with electric radiant heat. For glue-down hardwood, choose between Nuheat and SunTouch cables, standard-size or custom mats, and convenient kits. Both brands require a layer of self-leveling concrete (SLC) over the top. For added durability, consider WarmWire® HeatMatrix, the only membrane that we recommend underneath wood floors. Or skip the SLC with ultra-thin QuietWarmth Peel and Stick film.

For engineered hardwood floating floors, we recommend a QuietWarmth film that is specially designed for click-together flooring, no SLC required.


While we generally don’t recommend electric radiant heat for carpeted floors due to most manufacturers’ restrictions, it is possible, with limited options. SunTouch cables and standard-size or custom mats are the only products we carry that can go under carpet.

New Home, New Concrete? Read This Before You Pour

Most of our customers come to Warm Your Floor when it’s time to remodel or finish their basements. But if you’re building a home and are ready to pour concrete in your brand-new basement, take the opportunity to install in-slab heating products within your slab floor. Then, when it’s time to finish your basement, you can choose from limitless flooring options ­­– even carpet – because any floor covering can be installed over the heated slab.

For in-slab heating that offers ultimate flexibility, we recommend SunTouch SlabHeat or Nexans cable. These durable products are laid out across the basement area before concrete is spread over the top. Concrete can be polished or stained, or choose any floor type you like to finish after the concrete has cured.

Heat can be added to existing slab floors before applying a layer of self-leveling concrete for coloring, staining or polishing. We recommend SunTouch mats or WarmWire cable. Lay out the product of your choice, and then pour self-leveling concrete over the top to embed the heating cable or mats.

Special Considerations for Basements

Most indoor floor heating products we carry can be used for basements, depending on the floor type you choose. But basement floors may require watts per square foot for higher heat output to counteract the naturally colder temperatures underground and reach the desired temperature faster. For some products, including SunTouch, Nexans and SlabHeat cables, and Nuheat cable and custom mats, spacing wires closer together can help achieve higher heat output, increasing to 15 watts per square foot from the standard 12. This is an important consideration when heating large floors because it lowers the maximum coverage areas. Other manufacturers and many of our mats don’t allow or offer this option, so be sure to check specs when choosing the right product for your project.

Ready to get started? Contact Warm Your Floor today and get everything you need for your basement heating project.

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