How Durable are Floor Heating Elements?

All the floor heating products we sell are very durable and not easy to damage during installation as long as the installer properly follows the instructions.

You can freely walk over the heating mats and cables and even kneel on them while adhering them to the subfloor. The insulation around the heating elements also makes them difficult to cut. There are many floor heating products on the market, and we only carry the most reliable and best performing.

But sometimes, even the most durable heating elements can be damaged by a mistake during installation. There are many tools on job sites that can damage them, such as blades for clearing grout and saws that cut through tile and masonry. So it is important to make sure that all workers on the jobsite are aware that there are heating elements in the mortar beneath the flooring.

But don’t worry! Even if the heating elements are damaged during installation, there are ways to repair them, in most cases even after flooring has been installed over them.

Need to learn how to repair a broken system? See our article or call us at (866) 558-3369 to get in contact with a technician.

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