Introducing QuietWarmth® RETROFIT – Radiant Heat Film for Under Subfloors

If you love your existing floors but wish they were warmer, Warm Your Floor is pleased to offer our customers an ultra-efficient, affordable, and easy-to-install electric radiant floor heating system from MP Global Products: QuietWarmth® radiant heat film for under subfloors.

Warm your existing floors without having to remove tile or pull up carpet. Even warm hard-to-heat floor types such as nail-down hardwood that aren’t compatible with most radiant heat products. Until now!

How does it work?

QuietWarmth under-subfloor radiant heat film installs easily between your existing floor’s joists. It’s best for anywhere the joists can be easily accessed from a garage ceiling or a basement or crawl space. QuietWarmth features a patented ultra-thin conductive ink technology that delivers low-cost heat to nearly any floor type from the joist bay beneath. A sensor installed in the subfloor combined with a thermostat will help keep your floor at your optimum temperature.

The QuietWarmth® under-subfloor system is available in two voltages (120V and 240V) and in 16 inches to accommodate the most common joist bay spacing.

Simple to Install

Installation is easy. Simply nail or staple each panel of heating film at least every 12 inches to the side of each joist (not to the subfloor itself), leaving a 2” overhang beneath the subfloor. To better fit your space, QuietWarmth film can be cut with scissors to length at each 12-inch increment. Ask a licensed electrician to connect the lead wires to a thermostat. We recommend installing a programmable thermostat with your new electric radiant heating system for maximum efficiency and comfort. Finish the installation with a layer of thermal insulation over the heating panels.

Ready to get started on adding efficient, easy-to-install, affordable heat to your existing flooring? Contact us today to learn more about QuietWarmth® heating film for under subfloors or start shopping now.

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