What makes the new floor heating thermostats better?

Floor heating thermostats have come a long way over the past year.

Bulky, over-complicated, dial and push-button thermostats are a thing of the past, and replacement is easy enough for any homeowner to do.*

Today’s electric floor heating thermostats have made industry headlines with their latest technological advancements.  Such improvements include compatibility with home automation systems, superior programming abilities that allow you to “set it and forget it” to suit
your personal schedule, and a much more user-friendly interface.

Enhanced Programming

All of the newer programmable thermostats have a 7-day schedule that can be set for multiple periods of heating.  New easy-to-use menus have been implemented into their software to guide you through all of your system settings and more.

Having a programmable thermostat provides control over exactly when your floor heating system is running.  This means saving money on your electricity bill as well as avoiding unnecessary heating on warmer days or when you’re at work or away on vacation.

Smart Start Technology

The newer thermostats actually get to know you. After 1-2 weeks, these programmable thermostats learn to compensate for the start up time of your system, meaning your floor will reach the temperature you want exactly at the time you set it for.

*Some local codes may require installation or connection by an electrician

sunstat app
WiFi Options & Home Automation Integration

WiFi thermostats make it even easier and more convenient to adjust & program your system right from your smartphone, tablet, or browser. Simply connect the thermostat to your home WiFi and you’ll be able to access all features and settings remotely.  Additional benefits of having a WiFi enabled thermostat include:

   Warm Weather Shut Down Feature

 Outdoor Temperature & Weather Forecast Display

 Energy Use Monitoring (Hourly, Monthly, Weekly)

   Control multiple thermostats at once

 Remote Software Upgrade Capability*

 Email Alerts*

*Email alerts and remotely upgradeable software refers to the SunStat Connect WiFi thermostat only.

As presented in the video featured above, the Nuheat Signature WiFi floor heating thermostat can now connect exclusively to the Nest learning thermostat. This makes it the only floor heating thermostat on the market to fully integrate with a home automation system. Other thermostats, like the SunStat Command and SunStat Connect, offer partial integration with any home automation systems.


Sleeker, Lower Profile DesignsCommand Stat on Wall 560x315

The latest floor heating thermostats, particularly those by SunTouch, sport a bright white acrylic face with a thin removable & paintable frame to match your style. The lowest profile thermostats come just ½” off the wall.

Brilliant, High Resolution, Color Touchscreen Displays

Most new floor heating thermostats are now equipped with responsive, user-friendly, color touchscreen displays. SunTouch thermostats allow you to choose between multiple color themes for your display.

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    • Jacquelyn Sutterman says:

      Hi Joe, thanks for reaching out.

      The direct replacement for the your thermostat is the mid-tier current production Nuheat HOME.

      If you’re interested in having a WiFi feature for remote control of your system from your smartphone or web browser, we recommend the Nuheat SIGNATURE.

      Let us know if you have any more questions!

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