Nuheat SIGNATURE Thermostat & Control4 Home Automation System

New for 2018…

The Nuheat SIGNATURE floor heating thermostat can now be controlled using the Control4 home automation system (HAS).

The official Nuheat SIGNATURE driver developed by annex4 (a third-party solutions provider) allows homes with the Control4 system to control multiple SIGNATURE thermostats in real time. Now users can make changes from any Nuheat or Control4 interface and get instantaneous feedback across all platforms. With the SIGNATURE and this driver you can:

  • Change the floor heating temperature instantaneously
  • Modify or set the heating schedule
  • Simultaneously turn Away Mode on or off for one or more thermostats (Note: Does not turn the stat completely off or on, but instead toggles between Home and Away modes)

SIGNATURE installs with a simple drag-and-drop method: just enter your Nuheat credentials to get started. The thermostat integrates the annex4 LiNK for easy driver updates, events, and logs.

While the SIGNATURE’s app and web portal make control easy from your phone, tablet or computer, the Control4 integration is the first – and currently the only – connection to a true HAS for any floor heating thermostat.

Screenshots from the Control4 interface with SIGNATURE connected

Nuheat Signature features
• Touchscreen display: 3.5” backlit with dimmable brightness
• Programmable functions: adaptive 7-day settings with floor sensor and air sensor modes
• Wi-Fi enabled: easily connects to your home’s network
• Safety features: UL approved 15 amp Class A GFCI protection built in for 120V and 240V
• Daily, weekly, and monthly energy use monitoring
• Easy setup wizard: gets you started whether it’s a new install or an upgrade
• Weather forecast: displays up-to-date outdoor temperature
• Works with Nest for home automation integration
• Control4 compatible
• Three-year manufacturer warranty

Installation and support for the driver

  • annex4 is a Canada-based company providing software solutions for the automation industry. The LiNK portal provides integration of automation system enhancements as well as system monitoring and usage information. 
  • Try it free for 21 days, with option to purchase for $125 through the annex4 LiNK website
  • For support and installation inquiries, please contact annex4 at or 1-888-9ANNEX4 (926-6394)

Nuheat Works with Nest

SIGNATURE Floor Heating Thermostat Now Works with Nest

Save energy by combining the Nuheat SIGNATURE with the Nest thermostat. By utilizing Nest’s occupancy sensors, instead of always following the scheduled program of your floor heating system, the Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat can automatically stop heating the floor if no one is home.

Leaving home early?
The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat will automatically reduce the floor temperature ahead of schedule to save energy.

Returning home at a different time?

The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat will automatically increase the floor temperature so you come home to a comfortable floor!

Going on vacation?
The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat will automatically reduce the floor temperature when you’re out of town. 

Setup and System Requirements

Follow these simple steps on your Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat and Nest to experience all the benefits this combination has to offer:

Log in to

1.  Group your SIGNATURE thermostats (even for a single SIGNATURE thermostat)

  • Log in to your account
  • Select Edit Groups, New Group

On the Nuheat SIGNATURE Thermostat

2. Set SIGNATURE to Auto Mode

  • On the thermostat, select Setup/Preferences, Operating Mode, and ensure you are set to Auto Mode (default)

3. Activate all four setpoints on SIGNATURE (Wake/Leave/Return/Sleep)

  • On thermostat, select Settings, Program/Schedule
  • Set higher temperatures for Wake and Return setpoints
  • Set lower temperatures for Leave and Sleep setpoints*

*IMPORTANT: A Sleep setpoint in each day’s schedule must be active and set to a lower temperature than Wake setpoint

Nest Thermostat

4.  Nest Sense™ Home/Away Assist feature is enabled

Return to

5.  Access Works with Nest Feature and begin setup

  • Log in to your account, select Account Settings, Connect to Nest and follow instructions                     

For specifications and more information about the Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat, please click here.

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