All About Schluter Drains & Grates

Schluter-Systems offers standard and linear floor drains, KERDI-DRAIN and KERDI-LINE that are compatible with traditional mortar beds and
KERDI-SHOWER systems. Like the rest of the KERDI family of products, these drains provide waterproofing technology superior to traditional
“pan-liner” drainage systems.


What are the advantages of installing a KERDI-DRAIN?Floor Drain Tileable

Flexible Installation

  • It can be installed in both mor
    tar bed and Schluter KERDI-SHOWER tray applications.
  • It has a fully adjustable grate (available various finishes) that allows
    lateral & tilt adjustment, and accommodates a wide range of tile thicknesses.
  • A tileable grate/covering support option is available that accommodates any tile thickness and creates a virtually invisible drainage line.


Superior Waterproofing: Integrated Bonding FlangeKERDI-DRAIN breakdown

All KERDI-DRAIN come with an “integrated bonding flange.” This flange makes the KERDI-DRAIN assembly unique because of its large
contact area that enables you to securely affix the tileable
waterproofing materials directly overtop of it.  The ability to waterproof directly over the flange is more effective in preventing the accumulation of unwanted moisture in the shower base.

In traditional/“pan liner” installations the flange & waterproofing are installed inside a bed of mortar.  This leaves half of your shower assembly completely exposed to water penetration into the mortar directly beneath the tile with no way to escape.  The continued presence of water increase the potential for efflorescence and mold growth within the shower system.


What are my KERDI-DRAIN options?

The below drain components can be purchased individually or as part of a complete “KERDI-DRAIN kit” that includes:

  • 1 drain body with integrated bonding flange
  • 1 square or round grate assembly
  • Waterproofing materials


How do I choose my flange?  Select a flange of the same material of piping over which you plan to install it.

ABS FlangeKD PVC FlangeSS Flange No HubSS Flange Threaded



Grates in a line_smaller


•  Flanges with 3″ outlets are designed to be used only with 6″ grates.

•  Flanges with 2″ outlets can be used with square grates of any size.


 Going for a more modern look?

KERDI-LINE linear drains are a wonderful option for layouts that call for a bit more sophistication, and are perfect for barrier-free or curbless applications.  KERDI-LINE drains are also compatible with single-plane sloped floor layouts.  This creates unique design opportunities, like using large-format tiles in your shower floor.

closed kl Finished KL interm KERDI-LINE Grates


These linear drains can be installed adjacent to walls or at intermediate locations in the shower floor.


Schluter KERDI-LINE linear drains consist of:KERDI-LINE Bonding Flange components

1 KERDI-LINE channel body/linear bonding flange*

&  1 KERDI-LINE grate kit*

*KERDI-LINE channel bodies and grate kits are sold separately.

The above components are available in a wide range of sizes (19″ – 70″) and in two outlet configurations (center and off-set).  The linear grate kits come in 3 styles.

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